Going Live Monday, June 1st!

May 26, 2009

keyhole eye

Finally, we are about ready to launch a service that I have been dreaming and talking about for nearly three years. This new venture is an outgrowth of my life’s purpose of encouraging people who are discovering new ways of being the church and helping them to become a demonstration of Christ’s kingdom. Right up front, I want to confess something. I am trying to figure this out for myself. I don’t have formulas or a list glowing success stories. I do a journey, friendships, a network, and some life lessons that I want to share.

There are three groups of people that I have in mind who I think will find this new service helpful… those who are asking questions about the institutional church or have left it, those who are experimenting in new ways to be the church, and those who are recovering church leaders.

The services will include a web site which is an umbrella site for three blogs, a resource network, and a social network. The three blogs will be directed toward the three groups of people that I mentioned above.
I am very excited about the team that has come together to produce this ministry and to provide input. They include a web developer who has done a wonderful job with the site, a commercial graphic artist who designed our logo, site buttons, and header, and a who’s who of insightful communicators who also happen to be some of my favorite people and are going through the very transitions of which they write. I will unveil the team later this week.

Am excited about the possibilities of this new service to help a lot people who are a journey that bears similarity to what so many have been going through. Essentially, it is a community for the rest of us. I look forward to all of the new friendships, the exchange of ideas, and the collaborations that will grow out of it.

Okay, I am sure that you noticed that I have not revealed the site. That is because we want the various blogs to be populated with fresh new content, but here is a reminder. We will be going live next Monday, June 1st.



April 18, 2008

Communitas has been pretty much a family and friends gathering, more specifically, a gathering that included our two granddaughters and their friends. We have had some great discussions, but it has really been more of a social outreach than anything. So, we are moving to make it more of social time when family and friends can gather. So, I might not be writing here for a while as we see what it morphs into.

Grace & Peace


April 11, 2008

This week are going to evaluate what we have been doing and think about what’s ahead for us as a group. Bring you thoughts. See you Sunday.

The Biggies

April 6, 2008

Is man basically good or bad?

What is the most important event in human history?

We’re into the biggies this week. You’d have to be crazy to miss this!

Seriously, we’ll be talking about some of the implications of the issues we discussed last time. Let’s hear from you. See you Sunday @ 5.

A Wing and a Prayer

March 28, 2008


Last week was all about the death and resurrection of Christ.  This week is about the meaning that those events hold for our lives.  This is amazing, dramatic stuff.  If I were you, I wouldn’t want to miss a minute of it!  I am also looking forward to tasting Ryan’s amazing chicken wings that he so dramatically described for us. last week.  Good food!  Good discussion!

Easter Peeps

March 22, 2008


I am glad that you all did fine without us being here last week.

Now for this week. It’s resurrection Sunday! I would just about guarantee you that you will pick up something new about the history and customs of Easter. We’ll even do a some video.

Open Mike Night

March 7, 2008


This should be fun!  I am interested to see what you all bring to our community gathering this Sunday Evening.

Grace & Peace